The Skouttish Khronicles. North Florida Scouts in Scotland 2016. Ver 2.0

New scans of our drawings during #BlairAtholl2016.

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Gibraltar Sea Scouters in Muddy Waters / 2016 Blair Atholl International Scottish Jamborette

2016 Gibraltar Sea Scouts gif

RN101 Gibraltar Sea Scouters Elliot and Jimmy during 2016 Blair Atholl Jamborette (official) were under cloudy skies and muddy waters.

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Academic Deans of FSCJ | Spring 2018

FSCJ Provost and Assistant Provosts wanted an unique way to thank all 2017-2018 Academic Deans. Here is our view of an amazing and challenging academic year. All programs were included in one way or another. You are our stars! Thanks a lot.

Framed poster with signatures of Deans. Photo by Dean Neal Henning.

2018 FSCJ Deans

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Instant Knowledge Generation: Young Leaders of Tomorrow | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

2013 Virtual Worlds

We are updating #TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology. Young digital leaders of tomorrow are already beyond the #hashtags exploring for #InstantKnowledge. The #InstantKnowledgeGeneration is already connected. Stay tune. #IknowGen

Drawing shows 2013 college student exploring new virtual worlds with tablets and smartphones. New generation of smartphones, apps, and faster connections are contributing to expand instant knowledge. What is next?

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Calligraphy Pen Edition. WSJ2015. Jamboree Scouts during World Scout Jamboree. #JamboreeMemories #Scoutoons

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WSJ2015. Jamboree Scouts arriving to Yamaguchi and visit to Nagato. #JamboreeMemories #Scoutoons

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2016 Interamerican Scout Conference. Houston, Texas

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