New Oudoors Normal. Aquatics Activities after Coronavirus 2020 Lockdowns.

Coronavirus 2020 and COVID-19 lockdowns are being de-escalated following different stages, phases, and new rules. New outdoors and aquatics activities require additional precautions such as social distancing, wearing facemasks, gloves, and washing hands all the time. How are you adapting to new aquatics normal times? #WeAreOutdoorsAgain #SeaScoutsScoutoons.

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Phase Zero of De-escalation. Day 1 to be Outdoors.

#CoronavirusChronicles. May 2 was the day chosen by the Government of spain to lift lockdown to all the people. The established four phases and different times for groups. Adults are allow to do sports, exercise and walk from 6 to 10 am. We went to walk to the beach of Port Sagunto. They recommend to use masks, keep social distancing, and wash our hands. We recover our Freedom but with strict schedules and rules.

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Video Conferences Fatigue during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown created an immediate need for live online communications. Governments and offices send employees to work at home. Schools, colleges, and universities send staff, professors, and students to continue Spring term using online learning platforms. Our online education world experienced an immediate increase of virtual meetings, webinars, and live lecturers. Synchronous learning model was suddenly in the spotlight.

We have been in online education for more than 20 years. We have observed and implemented many Asynchronous learning model courses. Students learn at their own pace and time. It is the preferred model of working professionals who pursue higher degrees. We continue working in our online courses while we continue supporting our colleagues, parents, and students to complete this term.

Webinars have also increased using popular video conferencing systems. After doing several Webinars Marathons, workers, presenters, instructors, professors, students have develop “Video Conferences’ Fatigue. We have read several reports about it that motivated this drawing. When lockdown ends to a new normal level, remember to explore asynchronous learning courses.

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Children Finally Outdoors in Spain after Coronavirus 2020 Lockdown / I will resist.

April 26, 2020. After more than 40 day of Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, children in Spain are allowed to play outside with a parent for one hour. Other countries have started de-escalation. People outdoors still have to follow all recommended health precautions including wahing hands, social distancing, and wearing face masks. It is our responsibility as parents to be able to adapt to new life after this pandemic. #WeWillBeOutdoorsAgain #Coronavirus2020 #OnlineEducation. #OutdoorsUniversity #OutdoorsLearning #EducationisOutdoors. #IWillSurvive #FinallyOutdoors

I will survive. Finally outdoors in Spanish
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I will be outdoors again. I will resist !!! – Resistiré !!!

 Coronavirus 2020 Chronicles. We are confined at home during Spain State of Alarm due to Coronavirus and COVID-19. I only go out to bring our recyclables to the street recycling bins. I can also go to the supermarkets or municipal market to buy groceries. I have to wear face masks and bring my own bags and shopping cart. When I return home I have to place my phone, wallet, and keys inside a small container. I have to remove masks, gloves, and shoes and all have to be cleaned and disinfected. I remove all clothes and place them in a bag to be ready to be washed. We added a red tape line to cross beyond the entrance. I have to wash and disinfect my hands before going to the shower. I feel like an astronaut after a spacewalk. Welcome to our Home Space Station.  

“Resistiré” (English: “I Will Resist”) is a song by the Spanish group Dúo Dinámico (Dynamic Duo in English) that we listen every day at 8 pm along with the applause that we dedicate to the health services.  

Anthem of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in Spain

“During the quarantine due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, the song became popular again among the citizens, that went out to the balconies to sing it along and to encourage the workers of the Spanish Health System. It has been identified as an anthem of resistance and overcoming of the health crisis.” – Wikipedia

#WeWillBeOutdoorsAgain #Resistiré #IWillResist #CoronaVirus2020 #StayAtHome #QuédateEnCasa #Coronavirus2020 #OnlineEducation

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The Force of Online Education in times of Coronavirus 2020.

The Force of Online Education is helping teachers, professors, parents, and students in times of Coronavirus. We all have to find innovative and collaborative methods to continue with the school year and Spring semester. Online learning has been been in main stream for more than 20 years. Technologies and educational models have been integrated to bring new knowledge to our students’ screens.

The challenge is to use online learning to enhance online professionals and employees. Next managers in global organizations should add new health and social distancing rules that will impact all workforce. May the Online Force be with you! Virus Wars saga continue. #VirusWars #OnlineEducationForce #OnlineLearning

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Surviving Mobile Learning. Coronavirus 2020 Update.

#CyberChronicles. 7 years ago!!! Now we have to add Zoom, GoMeeting, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube,Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, and more mobile learning widgets and gadgets. #OnlineLearning#StayAtHome. #ThisTooShallPass and then #OnlineLearningContinues as always. #Josetoons

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