E-Learning Overload 2.0

  E-learning Overload eventoon was done on November 2008 in preparation to 2009 International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. It is the same drawing now … More

Technology in Education

Wii and other similar technologies let us incorporate new ideas into our courses. Simulators and video games are used to … More

Entrepreneur Day @ FCCJ

During our Entrepreneur Day more than 20 high school students visited Kent campus. They formed several teams and they had … More

Forming Teams and Focus

Teamwork is vital in any organization and productive meetings are very important in team dynamics. Meetings provide the ground to … More

Embracing Change

Dr. Holly Masturzo delivered an excellent presentation about the S-curve of Change and Chaortic Emergence. We were able to embrace … More

Waves of Change

The people voted for a change. In any kind of situation, we should embrace change and learn that this is … More

Presidential Election

It is time to vote in the general elections on November 4th. It is a huge responsibility to participate and … More

A Perfect Storm

We discussed these current events in class and their impact in our lives. Our “Sticky Note Assignment” was a good … More