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#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology

#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology 1. Connected Learning = Social media learning.#socialmedialearning 2. Device Oriented Learning = Mobile knowledge. #mlearning 3. Team Based Learning = Share individual strengths for collaborative solutions. #teamlearning. 4. Outdoors Classrooms = Connect learners with … Continue reading

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TEDxFSCJ Day and Next TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures. #TEDxFSCJ

On September 27, 2014 we all were on the top of TEDxFSCJ mountain. After months of climbing and building blocks, we reached FSCJ #OneCollege Summit. We all were on the stage of Wilson Center. 100 attendees, caped by TEDx first … Continue reading

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Dr. Mike Reynolds: “Our Universe is Our Classroom”. #TEDxFSCJ

Dr. Mike Reynolds was Dean of Arts and Sciences at FSCJ Kent Campus when I spoke in a Faculty Convocation in 2010. He is a professional astronomer and “space cadet”. His topics and ties are related to the space. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures: TED, TEDx & TED-Ed to enhance learning experience. #TEDxFSCJ

Drawing on whiteboard during TED, TEDx & TED Ed Talk at 2014 FSCJ Convocation inspired this one. #tedxfscj #onecollege #onechallenge. 2014 @FlaStateCollege Convocation was the ideal scenario to introduce these learning adventures to TFCJ faculty. Expanding TEDxFSCJ beyond the learning edge. … Continue reading

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Waves of life require a Personal Leadership System ©.

Waves of life require a Personal Leadership System ©. Lead Yourself to Higher Levels. . Oct 2013.

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I.E. Improves Everything. Scan QRCodIE.

Institutional Effectiveness Marketing Committee suggested a new slogan to emphasize the importance of IE to College’s academic excellence. We also suggested an IE blog (  

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Surviving CyberMonday and other holiday shopping waves

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as “Black Friday”, is the first of the holidays’ shopping big waves. It is the time of the year where retailers and online stores push their products to next levels. “Cyber Monday” was originally … Continue reading

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