Troop 182 at Camp Rainy Mountain 2011.

Native American Grace.

The Skouttish Khronicles. North Florida Scouts in Scotland. #BlairAtholl2016

The Skouting Khronicles. North Florida Scouts in Edinburgh and 35th International Scottish Patrol Jamborette in Blair Atholl, Scotland.

Paddle your own canoe in the direction of your personal vision.


Paddle your own canoe in the direction of your personal vision. 2010 St. Mary 50-miler canoe trip with Troop 182. The River Lessons: Find the best direction, leave no trace,  be aware of obstacles, especially hidden obstacles, support your team, be prepared for changes and emergencies, keep the balance and maintain inner peace.

Scouting Over the EDGE

May 2011. North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America raises funds in many various ways throughout the year. The Over The Edge program is one of the many creative ways that they engage the community to help fund Scouting program.

North Florida Council Camporee Storms Survivors

May 14, 2011. NFC Council Camporee Storms. Scoutmaster minute: “Captains are tested during storms at sea, Boy Scouts are tested during storms at camp”.
Troop 182 survived the storms of the 2011 Council Camporee !!!

Gypsy Trip II – Day 1 – Air boat, alligators, Fort Christmas, games, and rock climbing.

March 2011. Troop 182 Gypsy Trip II.

As you go on this gypsy trip with friends, don’t consider yourself alone. We will work together for a better cause, to have fun in Scouting, now let’s give that an applause. Off we go to camp for the night, the next few days things might timely be very tight, have fun one and all. Like gypsies in the palace we are, that’s what we are called so come let’s us pray, for safety and fun, and for all. Enjoy the trip as it may, and in the end say thank you, for those that made this such a trip that it may.

With wind in your hair it may cause quite a scare, don’t horse around all day because if you do we can’t do the things we love to do. At lunch time you will see a holiday of sorts but take it all in stride because at the end it will spend hours each other side by side and playing games of course. Then finish it off with a buffet of sorts.

First Aid and CPR/AED training.

First Aid and CPR/AED training help everyday people save lives. American Red Cross and American Heart Association provide training and certification. These courses help participants to recognize emergencies and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. This CPR manikin, the infant manikin and the training AED are some of the tools to practice during the training. Learn CPR. Be prepared to save a life!

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