I.E. Improves Everything. Scan QRCodIE.

Institutional Effectiveness Marketing Committee suggested a new slogan to emphasize the importance of IE to College’s academic excellence.

We also suggested an IE blog (www.academicexcelllence.info)


Archiving Weave assessments from previous academic year

Sept 2011. Institutional effectiveness (IE) is an ongoing, cyclical process by which the college analyses and use data to ascertain how well it is accomplishing its mission and goals and to make continuous improvements based on assessment results. (Ref. Florida State College at Jacksonville Institutional Effectiveness). As member of the IE committee, we use WEAVE Online to store all data related to objectives, assessments, etc. Wrong data generates “orphans” where measures are not connected with objectives in a cycle. The confusion could be so big that an “Indiana Jones” solution was suggested to archive old data. Confused? Watch “Raiders of the lost Ark”.
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