Video Conferences Fatigue during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown created an immediate need for live online communications. Governments and offices send employees to work at home. Schools, colleges, and universities send staff, professors, and students to continue Spring term using online learning platforms. Our online education world experienced an immediate increase of virtual meetings, webinars, and live lecturers. Synchronous learning model was suddenly in the spotlight.

We have been in online education for more than 20 years. We have observed and implemented many Asynchronous learning model courses. Students learn at their own pace and time. It is the preferred model of working professionals who pursue higher degrees. We continue working in our online courses while we continue supporting our colleagues, parents, and students to complete this term.

Webinars have also increased using popular video conferencing systems. After doing several Webinars Marathons, workers, presenters, instructors, professors, students have develop “Video Conferences’ Fatigue. We have read several reports about it that motivated this drawing. When lockdown ends to a new normal level, remember to explore asynchronous learning courses.

Surviving Mobile Learning. Coronavirus 2020 Update.

#CyberChronicles. 7 years ago!!! Now we have to add Zoom, GoMeeting, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube,Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, and more mobile learning widgets and gadgets. #OnlineLearning#StayAtHome. #ThisTooShallPass and then #OnlineLearningContinues as always. #Josetoons

TEDxFSCJ Day and Next TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures. #TEDxFSCJ

2014 09 TEDxMountainColor

On September 27, 2014 we all were on the top of TEDxFSCJ mountain. After months of climbing and building blocks, we reached FSCJ #OneCollege Summit.

We all were on the stage of Wilson Center. 100 attendees, caped by TEDx first timers’ rule, filled the stage facing our elevated red carpeted stage and screen with the unusual background of empty theater seats. All audience, speakers and volunteers had the experience of being part of a learning “performance” on stage. All attendees were “beyond the learning edge” getting new lessons from our speakers. As they entered the theater expecting to be in the patio or balcony, they were ushered to seats on the stage. Some of them commented: “weird”, “wow”, “what?”, “amazing”, “interesting”, etc. They did not know what to expect but their time on stage was filled with lifelong lessons.

These are the new challenges. TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures continue after this day with videos, blogs, pictures, and new TED Ed lessons, TEDxFSCJ Blackboard and Facebook groups, TEDxFSCJ Salon at FSCJ Deerwood with focus on technologies and education, TEDxFSCJ seminars and conferences to share the lessons and learning tools, and of course our next TEDxFSCJ events.

Speakers, attendees, volunteers, and team are all TEDxFSCJ Ambassadors to share the experience, the ideas, and the challenges. We are now part of a global TEDx community.

Thank you all for creating and maintaining TEDxFSCJ. Yesterday, we were on the top of TEDxFSCJ mountain. Now it is time to hike down and start climbing our next mountains. Enjoy the journey. TEDxFSCJ is a lifelong learning adventure.

Dr. Jose Lepervanche,


Tree House Internet Connection. Five years later.

2009 05 Online treehouse color2014

Tree House Internet Connection

One of the presenters of UNAD Florida International Conference in 2009 explained how difficult was for some rural communities in Latin America to access the Internet to be able to participate in online courses. One example cited mentioned how students had to go climb a tree to capture the signal. This eventoon tried to illustrate the point. 2014. Five years later, we still have communities having similar connectivity and technology issues to access online education. This colortoon version is a reminder that we have a lot to do to bring online courses to rural areas. #onlinelearning #outdoorsuniversity #mobilelearning

Original black and white drawing used in 

UNAD FLORIDA International Conference: Education, Virtuality and Business.

Posted on May 6, 2009

Beyond the Learning Edge: LIFE Systems Management. A Personal Leadership System. (Josetoons only)

2013 12 Life Continuous System Color

Life is a system of systems and we are a continuous learning system. Beliefs,values,priorities, SWOT, vision, SMART goals, lifelong project management, knowledge, changes, emergencies, communications, and technology usage to simplify life & work. Watch the Prezi presentation (Path with cartoons only)

Beyond the Learning Edge: LIFE Systems Management. A Personal Leadership System.

Paddle your own canoe in the direction of your personal vision.


Paddle your own canoe in the direction of your personal vision. 2010 St. Mary 50-miler canoe trip with Troop 182. The River Lessons: Find the best direction, leave no trace,  be aware of obstacles, especially hidden obstacles, support your team, be prepared for changes and emergencies, keep the balance and maintain inner peace.

Surviving or Reducing Information Overload

2011 Reducing Info Overload color


Reducing Information Overload was done on 2011 to be used after the information overload presentation to emphasize the use of the iPad in E-learning. Oct 2013

E-Learning Overload 2.0

2008 ElearningOverloadColor2013


E-learning Overload eventoon was done on November 2008 in preparation to 2009 International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. It is the same drawing now in color. Oct 2013.


Reducing Information and Communications Overload in Management Online Education

National Institute for Staff Organizational Development. 33rd International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

Reducing Information and Communications Overload in Management Online Education ROOM 9B, LEVEL 3 • EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Cutting-edge technologies have been used in the management program to enhance discussions and classroom interactions. Some of these technologies have created information overload in online courses. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is being used to reduce unnecessary methods that could overwhelm learners and distract them from course content.

Jose Lepervanche, Professor, Supervision and Management, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Unleashing our flat geek on NISOD!

I did our flat geeks during NISOD exhibition. We were required to take photos of our flat geek all around the NISOD conference and Austin, Texas too. Pictures were displayed in a screen and stored at Thanks to Texas State Technical College ( for the opportunity to unleash our flat geek on NISOD!


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