Surviving or Reducing Information Overload

This cartoon was updated after getting my first iPhone in 2013. Two years later I got an iPhone 6S+ with a bigger screen and still reducing information overload and simplifying device oriented learning.

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2011 Reducing Info Overload color

Reducing Information Overload was done on 2011 to be used after the information overload presentation to emphasize the use of the iPad in E-learning. Oct 2013

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Be Outside of the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create

2015 TechKnowledgeBoxTiffPng

Be Outside the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create. (vs Remember, Understand, Apply)

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#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology


#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology

1. Connected Learning = Social media learning.#socialmedialearning

2. Device Oriented Learning = Mobile knowledge. #mlearning

3. Team Based Learning = Share individual strengths for collaborative solutions. #teamlearning.

4. Outdoors Classrooms = Connect learners with nature.#outdoorsuniversity

5. Leadership Learning = Lead yourself and others.#youthleaders #drjosecampus

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Viva el Carnaval! Oct 2002. Diana & Ivan Calderon.


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TEDxFSCJ Day and Next TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures. #TEDxFSCJ

2014 09 TEDxMountainColor

On September 27, 2014 we all were on the top of TEDxFSCJ mountain. After months of climbing and building blocks, we reached FSCJ #OneCollege Summit.

We all were on the stage of Wilson Center. 100 attendees, caped by TEDx first timers’ rule, filled the stage facing our elevated red carpeted stage and screen with the unusual background of empty theater seats. All audience, speakers and volunteers had the experience of being part of a learning “performance” on stage. All attendees were “beyond the learning edge” getting new lessons from our speakers. As they entered the theater expecting to be in the patio or balcony, they were ushered to seats on the stage. Some of them commented: “weird”, “wow”, “what?”, “amazing”, “interesting”, etc. They did not know what to expect but their time on stage was filled with lifelong lessons.

These are the new challenges. TEDxFSCJ Learning Adventures continue after this day with videos, blogs, pictures, and new TED Ed lessons, TEDxFSCJ Blackboard and Facebook groups, TEDxFSCJ Salon at FSCJ Deerwood with focus on technologies and education, TEDxFSCJ seminars and conferences to share the lessons and learning tools, and of course our next TEDxFSCJ events.

Speakers, attendees, volunteers, and team are all TEDxFSCJ Ambassadors to share the experience, the ideas, and the challenges. We are now part of a global TEDx community.

Thank you all for creating and maintaining TEDxFSCJ. Yesterday, we were on the top of TEDxFSCJ mountain. Now it is time to hike down and start climbing our next mountains. Enjoy the journey. TEDxFSCJ is a lifelong learning adventure.

Dr. Jose Lepervanche,


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Dr. Mike Reynolds: “Our Universe is Our Classroom”. #TEDxFSCJ

2014 Mike Reynolds Star Color

Dr. Mike Reynolds was Dean of Arts and Sciences at FSCJ Kent Campus when I spoke in a Faculty Convocation in 2010. He is a professional astronomer and “space cadet”. His topics and ties are related to the space.

Yesterday, Sep 27, 2014, he was speaker at TEDxFSCJ. His talk “Our Universe is Our Classroom” was a lesson beyond the learning edge about exploring our sky and to look up! If you want to watch the next solar eclipse in the US talk to him. 2017 is the year.

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Tree House Internet Connection. Five years later.

2009 05 Online treehouse color2014

Tree House Internet Connection

One of the presenters of UNAD Florida International Conference in 2009 explained how difficult was for some rural communities in Latin America to access the Internet to be able to participate in online courses. One example cited mentioned how students had to go climb a tree to capture the signal. This eventoon tried to illustrate the point. 2014. Five years later, we still have communities having similar connectivity and technology issues to access online education. This colortoon version is a reminder that we have a lot to do to bring online courses to rural areas. #onlinelearning #outdoorsuniversity #mobilelearning

Original black and white drawing used in 

UNAD FLORIDA International Conference: Education, Virtuality and Business.

Posted on May 6, 2009

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