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Archiving Weave assessments from previous academic year


Sep 2011. Weave assessments data from previous academic year

Sept 2011. Institutional effectiveness (IE) is an ongoing, cyclical process by which the college analyses and use data to ascertain how well it is accomplishing its mission and goals and to make continuous improvements based on assessment results. (Ref. Florida State College at Jacksonville Institutional Effectiveness). As member of the IE committee, we use WEAVE Online to store all data related to objectives, assessments, etc. Wrong data generates “orphans” where measures are not connected with objectives in a cycle. The confusion could be so big that an “Indiana Jones” solution was suggested to archive old data. Confused? Watch “Raiders of the lost Ark”.



May 2010. Congratulations to the first graduating class of the BAS in Supervision and Management – Florida State College at Jacksonville. Time to find new mountains to climb. Enjoy the journey.

Spring 2010. Undercover Professor. Management Challenges
Spring 2010 - Inaugural Capstone Course in Supervision and Management

Eventoons – Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Mar 2009. Business Club visit to Jaxport

The Business Club went to Blount Island to visit the port installations of Jaxport. A group students and professors went to the cruise terminal and the cargo piers. During our bus tour a radiation alarm was triggered and the bus was searched for radioactive materials. A security guard boarded the bus and asked if someone had a medical procedure during the last weeks. The drawing shows what happened when the radiation detector was used. According to the students, it was the best part of the field trip.

Fall 2008. White House Storm
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