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Our Next White House Manager. 2016 Color Update

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The second part of our fall term starts during the last two weeks of the presidential campaign. After several weeks of financial storms, our nation is getting ready to elect our next president. We…

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Presidential Election 2016

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It is time to vote in the general elections on November 4th. It is a huge responsibility to participate and elect our next president, other public functionaries, and to decide on several amendments. Our…

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Undercover Professor 2.0

Undercover Boss TV programs widely discussed in the Capstone course were the inspiration to create the Undercover Professor series. You can watch first videos in in Undercover Professor playlist.  Several managers in FSCJ and other organizations were interviewed in … Continue reading

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From “O Brave New World” to #EarthToParis

From “O Brave New World” to #EarthToParis. Our #TEDxFSCJ Theme took us to #TEDxBeaconSt to be #AdventureCatalysts. We joined this #GlobalAdventure to bring our message to the #ClimateChangeConference #COP21 in Paris. We hope to find a bright sun after the … Continue reading

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Surviving or Reducing Information Overload

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? Reducing Information Overload was done on 2011 to be used after the information overload presentation to emphasize the use of the iPad in E-learning. Oct 2013

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Be Outside of the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create

Be Outside the Box! Analyze, Evaluate, Create. (vs Remember, Understand, Apply)

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#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology

#TECHKnowledge: Five knowledge trends using technology 1. Connected Learning = Social media learning.#socialmedialearning 2. Device Oriented Learning = Mobile knowledge. #mlearning 3. Team Based Learning = Share individual strengths for collaborative solutions. #teamlearning. 4. Outdoors Classrooms = Connect learners with … Continue reading

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