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New Oudoors Normal. Aquatics Activities after Coronavirus 2020 Lockdowns.

Coronavirus 2020 and COVID-19 lockdowns are being de-escalated following different stages, phases, and new rules. New outdoors and aquatics activities require additional precautions such as social distancing, wearing facemasks, gloves, and washing hands all the time. How are you adapting … Continue reading

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Phase Zero of De-escalation. Day 1 to be Outdoors.

#CoronavirusChronicles. May 2 was the day chosen by the Government of spain to lift lockdown to all the people. The established four phases and different times for groups. Adults are allow to do sports, exercise and walk from 6 to … Continue reading

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Video Conferences Fatigue during Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown created an immediate need for live online communications. Governments and offices send employees to work at home. Schools, colleges, and universities send staff, professors, and students to continue Spring term using online learning platforms. Our online education … Continue reading

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Children Finally Outdoors in Spain after Coronavirus 2020 Lockdown / I will resist.

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I will be outdoors again. I will resist !!! – ResistirĂ© !!!

 Coronavirus 2020 Chronicles. We are confined at home during Spain State of Alarm due to Coronavirus and COVID-19. I only go out to bring our recyclables to the street recycling bins. I can also go to the supermarkets or municipal … Continue reading

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The Force of Online Education in times of Coronavirus 2020.

The Force of Online Education is helping teachers, professors, parents, and students in times of Coronavirus. We all have to find innovative and collaborative methods to continue with the school year and Spring semester. Online learning has been been in … Continue reading

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Surviving Mobile Learning. Coronavirus 2020 Update.

#CyberChronicles. 7 years ago!!! Now we have to add Zoom, GoMeeting, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube,Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, and more mobile learning widgets and gadgets. #OnlineLearning#StayAtHome. #ThisTooShallPass and then #OnlineLearningContinues as always. #Josetoons

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