#TheArrowmanEffect 2014 OA S-4 Section Conference

Scouting Adventures


Order of the Arrow S-4 Section Conference was at Camp Shands from April 11 to 13, 2014. Events included training, competitions, games, patches trading, fellowship, exhibits, party, and shows. Around 1,100 fellow OA members attended this event. The last time that Echockotee hosted the section conference was in 2007. The image shows the sink-a-thon early result, the “party” dance competition and of course, the short films made by Echoshows Productions about “The Arrowman Effect”.

The theme of this event was #TheArrowmanEffect. Several videos built the concept of The Arrowman Effect using a trailer and two amazing videos showed during the section conference. The objective was to motivate fellow arrow men to share our passion and inspire others to be cheerful servant leaders. This ripple effect can change the world, and especially our Lodges. 

Watch trailer video at The Arrowman Effect website (www.thearrowmaneffect.com

Servant leaders inspire others. Now that we all…

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