Our Next White House Manager

The second part of our fall term starts during the last two weeks of the presidential campaign. After several weeks of financial storms, our nation is getting ready to elect our next president. We normally say that great captains are tested during the storms and that great leaders are tested during a crisis or emergency. Our next White House manager has to be a great captain and leader to be able to bring our nation to safer waters. Remember to vote. This is one of the best rights in the USA. 

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    Presidential Primaries in Florida 2016. Eight years after the original drawing about our White House’s next manager. A new President will be elected and we still have storms. An updated color version shows the shades of stormy seas and cloudy days. I voted in the primaries and I will do it again in November. I voted for the first time in 2008 and I know my responsibility as “Amercian by choice”. Let’s vote!

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